Friday, 18 May 2018

3 years of G500 flying

3 years ago today (2015), the first flight took place of the G500. Although certification is still awaited, the 5 test aircraft continue to build up their hours and are often setting speed records. Leaving Shanghai recently, both the G500 and G600 headed home via Honolulu. The G500 did it a minute quicker than "big sis" and 5 minutes quicker back to Savannah. See for more info. On a personal note, I've only seen one of them (see below) but hope to improve my tally soon. Watch this space.
N502GS at Palm Beach in November 2017

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Round-up 15/5

G650 N1BN (6205) was cancelled to China on the 7th. No B- registration known yet. G650 N305KN (6142) now shows as an ER. 6313 has also been upgraded to an ER. G550 N577GA (5577) looks to have done a first flight from Savannah on the 8th. A 6th G600 has been registered. N600GU (73006) sounds like it could be a replacement for G650 N650GU. A recent video has been uploaded showing G1 9S-GTH (086) arriving at Rand. The 9S prefix replaced 9Q last August. G450 N667HS (4131) has finally come out of the hangar at Luton (after 9 months) but now carries N667H. Following some engine runs, it did an air test on the 12th and ferried down to Biggin Hill on the 13th presumably for painting as has 2 large green patches, one either side. A G650 in the same scheme has just been seen at Long Beach. See pic. G650 6308 has just cancelled to the Caymans. No other details.

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Round-up 8/5

G650s 6308 and 6309 were upgraded on the register to an ER. N686GD (6286) was cancelled to Guernsey on the 1st of the month to become the first on that register. This is 1 of the 3 that were originally painted in Deer Jet colours. Am hearing this has become 2-EPIC but awaiting visual confirmation. G650 N330GA (6330) ferried Savannah to Long Beach on the 3rd. G650 N319GA (6319) ferried Savannah to Appleton on the 7th as GLF41 for completion. N309GA (6309) went the opposite way later the same day as GLF44. G650 N1BN (6205) cancelled to China on the 7th. The 5th of the month was the 50th anniversary of the first executive jet to fly across the Atlantic (in both directions). G2 N100P (005) of National Distillers landed at Gatwick on 5th May 1968 from Teterboro 6 hours and 55 minutes later. It returned home a week later taking 7 hours and 10 minutes.
N100P at Heathrow on 11.06.77 Shot by my good friend Paul Seymour

As an aside, this machine soldiered on for many years and has only recently been withdrawn. I last saw it at Palm Beach in Feb 2012.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Round-up 1/5

G650 N628GA (6328) ferried Savannah to Long Beach on the 24th as GLF62. G650 M-YGIG delivered on the 27th as previously reported. G280 N945GA (2145) ferried Tel Aviv to Stansted on the 29th followed by N246GA (2146) on the 30th. The former attempted this a week earlier but had to turn back which explains 2 in 2 days. The 30th was the 15th anniversary of the first flight of the G450 in 2003. A report from Long Beach (thanks to Michael Carter) has the following G650 sightings. N667HS - this is currently on a G450 which has spent the last 8 months being worked on at Luton. I see this has N667H reserved. T7-IIA in the same colours as OE-IIH which I suspect it will be replacing. VP-CPU was also seen earlier in the month. That reg is currently on a G550 which looks to be China based. 3 more G500s have been added to the register. Now totals 28.
via GAC
Q1 results announced. 26 jets delivered in the first quarter. 19 large and 7 G280s. This is 4 fewer than the same time last year but the ending of the G450 and the delay in the G500 would account for this. Gulfstream has "well over" 50 orders for the G500 and nearly 50 for the G600. A far cry from the 200 orders for the G650 at this stage but still not bad for a large private jet. First deliveries of the G500 are now "scheduled" for the 3rd quarter, hopefully July. The G600 still for 2019. See link.

Sunday, 29 April 2018

Denis O'Brien receives his 7th Gulfstream

G650 M-YGIG (6305) arrived on delivery at Ronaldsway on Friday 27th from Savannah. It was caught by Phil Pain Yet another different scheme with a green cheatline but still retains the silver engine covers. Positioned to Dublin the following day.
The first Gulfstream for the Irish billionaire was G4 EI-CVT (1419) which was delivered in April 2001. It was later transferred to the Bermuda register as VP-BVT in February 2003. He then upgraded to G550 VP-BLR (5059) in May 2005 followed by VP-BJK (5200) in October 2008. We then move over to the Isle of Man register with G550 M-YBJK (5316) in June 2011. An early customer for the G650 with M-GSIX (6032) in July 2013 followed by M-YSIX (6156) in November 2015. The picture below was taken by Gavin Hunter at Dublin in April 2004.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Savannah News

General Dynamics have just announced that a new service centre will be built at Savannah. To open in a year's time and will create about 200 new jobs. See link When the new service center, named Savannah Service Center East, is completed, Gulfstream will have more than 1 million sq ft/92,903 sq m of dedicated customer-support hangar space, offices and back shops in Savannah.
via GAC
Some news has come to light with details of the delay in the certification of the G500. See link Pratt & Whitney Canada, who are building the engines, are still trying to get certification of the nacelles which are built by Nordam (based at Tulsa). It is hoped this will soon be ironed out with first deliveries now slated for this summer.

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Round-up 24/4

A very quiet week, possibly due to the team being at ABACE in Shanghai, with only G650 6286 being upgraded to an ER. A recent report has suggested that the reason the G500 certification is later than expected is that there may be an attempt to certify the G500 and G600 together. This could mean that both models will start to be delivered this year. Obviously, Gulfstream will not confirm this so watch this space for developments. A first pic of EC-MUS (6297) as it departed Luton on the 23rd. Caught by John Lythgoe.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Chinese G650s

G650 B-3350 was spotted at Long Beach at the end of March by Michael Carter. It was subsequently rumoured to be the former N650TY (6109) but at the time of writing, this has not left the US register. It did a test flight from Long Beach on the 15th as N650TY. If this was just a re-paint and a change of register, one would have expected this to have moved on by now. It's possible that the current "trade war" between the US and China which means large import duties being imposed on aircraft of this size is the reason this one isn't moving. It would be possible to get round these taxes by retaining a non Chinese registration and basing it outside the PRC. Most of the "Chinese" G650s are on overseas registers anyway and most Chinese airports are full so this stands a good chance of retaining it's US registration. However, B-3350 might end up being a new frame as the aforementioned is all conjecture. As always, time will tell.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Round-up 17/4

G650 EC-MUS (6297) departed Savannah on delivery on the 10th. Arrived at Santiago de Compostela the following morning. G550 N300A (5565) delivered to Exxon at East Texas Regional on the 12th. New upgrades to G650ER this period are 6301 and 6305. G550 N576GA (5576) looks to have made it's first flight from Savannah as GLF55 on the 16th. One of the first sightings of G650 B-3325 (6299) was at Sydney recently. It was caught there by Grahame Hutchinson of

Thursday, 12 April 2018

G450 landmark

Gulfstream have recently announced that the first G450 has just completed it's 1000th test flight. It first flew on 30th April 2003, a few days short of 15 years ago. I can personally confirm that the G450 is a lovely aircraft to fly in.
N401SR (4001) departing Luton on a rare visit in September 2008

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Round-up 10/4

G650 N297GA (6297) was cancelled to Spain on the 5th and is understood to have taken up EC-MUS. G650 N440MB (6302) was delivered from Savannah to Farmingdale (FRG) on the 6th. G650 N325GA (6325) ferried Savannah to Long Beach as GLF33 on the 9th. Still no sign of the G500 being certified suggesting there may be a problem (?) Talking of problems, the 3 Deer Jet G650s at Long Beach (6282, 6286 and 6290) don't seem to want to leave.
N440MB as a G450 in 2015

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Round-up 3/4

A flurry of deliveries at the end of the quarter. As previously reported, G650 N476V (6300) departed Long Beach on the 27th heading to Bradley, Dulles and Boeing Field before arriving at it's new home of Oakland. G650 N66ZG (6303) departed Appleton on the 27th heading to Auckland via Phoenix. G650 N99KZ (6283) departed Savannah on the 28th heading for Taiwan via Anchorage and Tokyo. G650 N299GA (6299) was cancelled to China on the 27th. B-3325 left Savannah on the 28th for Tianjin via Anchorage. Believe these are one and the same. G550 N575GA (5575) looks to have made a first flight on the 28th from Savannah. G550 N564GA (5564) was cancelled to China on the 30th. B-3275 flew from Appleton to Hawaii on the 31st. To finish, G280 N944GA (2144) ferried Tel Aviv to Belfast on the 2nd. This has N978M reserved.
N99KZ arriving at Songshan by 蕭暐承

N66ZG at Queenstown NZ on the 31st by Mike Condon